John Long and his wife Jodi Long, a former model turned television producer, renovator, and mom bought 10 thousand square feet of stuff to do called the Riverside Mansion.  The first question people ask is how do you heat it? When the price of home heating oil passed  3 dollars a  gallon, the answer to that question became our primary focus. 
When this French roof structure was built in 1870 it was heated with coal. The coal furnace in the basement of the house was replaced with an oil-fueled furnace in the late 1940's.  At that time, oil cost about 5 cents a gallon – 20 years later it was still around 10 cents a gallon.  We are more likely to see the price of home heating oil reach 5 or even 10 dollars a gallon before we ever see it drop back down to a nickel.  So it’s easy to see why alternative ways to heat this property have become an important and enlightening part of our documentary.

We are finding fresh ideas on how-to heat this house, that are economically feasible, environmentally cognoscente, and energy efficient.

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